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Ready for success? Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced investor, Rocket Property Group can support you with a proven investment strategy for creating a secure and comfortable future.

Don't pay up to thousands on courses or webinars. We offer free workshops for a variety of investor knowledge levels. Save that money and let it work towards your next deposit.

Find out here how ready you are to invest.

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Rocket Property Group only recommend properties that we would invest in and in areas that we have already bought in or plan to buy in. The properties included in our portfolio for investors to choose from must pass our strict criteria with the most important factor of potential growth first.

We gather local and regional area research, look at potential government development and visit the site locations. We get to know the builders and developers before recommending the properties to you.



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Portfolio Management

Many property investors get stuck at two or three properties and fail to progress up the property ladder. If you really want financial freedom, you’ll need more. Buying just one or two properties is not going to cut it. Multiple high-quality properties will generate the cashflow you need for your security, future, retirement and the lifestyle you’re planning.

Rocket Property has the experience and expertise to help you build a successful property portfolio and manage it in the long-term to ensure you reach your financial goals.


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No fee for services

With Rocket Property Group you won’t pay any fees to join us, buy property or take advantage of our great mentoring services and investment advice. 

No fees mean that you can keep your money for a deposit on a property. That’s how we like it.

The way we make our income is through the normal real estate commissions on the sale of property by vendors.

How ready are you to invest?

Don't guess. Let us help you find out. You may be more ready than you think!

Our role is to give investors the benefit of our combined experience, research and knowledge so you can get started sooner.

What makes a successful property investor is that they take action and buy a property so they can reach their goals. Potential property investors can get lost on the internet, spend too much time and money on reading and seminars and make emotional decisions. They either never start investing or end up buying a lemon.

If your goal is to achieve financial independence through property, let the experts assess how ready you are to invest so we can help you on your road to success.

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